Here at Doggywood Dog Training Encinitas, we recognize how important pets are to people. We believe in the Human/animal bond and it’s importance in our lives. In this crazy, stressful world we get a lot of unconditional love from our nonhuman family. However, there are times when they just drive us crazy and we are not sure what to do to provide the calmness we desire in our lives. Doggywood can help you to achieve the enjoyment you want with your pet in an ethically humane way.

Animal training, particularly dog training has changed a lot over the last few decades. Here in Encinitas, only a few of us need our dog to do the “Work” they were bred to do. So our dogs can get antsy and need an outlet for their energy. That energy if not handled properly can lead to unwanted behaviors. Proper training and socialization can help to facilitate their lives. But do we need to dominate or physically manhandle them? No we don’t. Science has proven that behaviors learned in a positive way travel faster to the brain than punishment based learning.
Your dog wants to please you. When an animal gets rewarded for what you want them to do they start learning faster to figure out what you would like them to do next. When they are punished, just like us, their creativity is stopped. They still don’t know what you want them to do instead and begin to build up resentment and fear from you. This can result in destructive, problematic and even dangerous behaviors.

​Would you rather have a happy, confident, loving companion or a cowering, scared, worried one? Which do you believe in and which are you proud to be apart of?

​Doggywood can help you teach your dog the basic foundations of a well-balanced animal. We know you can achieve the most success in creating the pet of your dreams by teaching them what you want them to do in a positive way. Using proven positive training methods we can work together to achieve those goals. We want to make it fun for you and your pet. Train with us and your pet and family will thank you.

What to Expect

A friendly environment.

We want you and your dog to feel at home.


Genuine concern.

Every one of us is a pet-owner. We will treat your pet like it is our own.


Professional service.

Our certified trainer and owner will provide the expert care your dog and family deserves.

Dog Training Encinitas