Dog Training Encinitas

Some examples on how we can help.


It is never too soon to start training. Catch the early weeks of your dog’s life for proper training and care. Get an introduction to the fundamentals of having a great dog. This class covers all your questions about your new little buddy. Classes form as needed. Please contact us for more info.

Does your dog need some manners? Does he jump all over people, run out the door and never come when you call him. Learn how to teach your dog how you want him to behave.

​Do you have children? Grandchildren? Do you have a new dog or puppy? This class is focused on teaching the entire family how to treat, train, handle  and  behave safely around your new family member. Children of all ages are encouraged to attend. Adult supervision is required.

You can teach an old dog new tricks. Teach your dog, or other animal, some new behaviors. Not only is it a fun thing to do but  these clicker based classes can really boost your dog’s self-esteem, promote quicker learning and can help reduce unwanted behaviors by providing important mental stimulation.

Leash Walking 
Does your dog pull you everywhere? Learn how to have a nice walk with your dog with a loose leash. 

This is for dogs that act aggressive towards other dogs or people. By using Desensitization and Counter Conditioning we can help you work with your dog to stop/reduce these behaviors.

​Behavioral consultations
At Doggywood or at your home. Some problems are a quick fix, some are not. Let’s meet to discuss your issues with your dog. An introduction class might be all you need. If it’s something that will need more time we will devise a plan to fit your needs and expectations.

Day Training
The trainer will come to your house and train your dog while you are away or at work. Usually several times a week and then a mandatory lesson with the owner. 

Walk and Train
The trainer will come to your house and walk/train your dog to walk nicely on a leash.

What to bring

All dogs should come to class on a leash, (no retractable leashes) a treat bag, a regular collar or harness and plenty of treats. Current proof of pets vaccinations. A dog bed or mat if you want. If your dog is a picky eater try waiting to feed their meal after class or half of it. Choke, pinch, shock collars are not allowed. We will provide you with a clicker.

What kind of treats?
Tasty, moist and small. 1-2 cups. Tiny cut up pieces(size of a pea) of hot dogs, chicken, cheese, carrots, dog food rolls, freeze dried treats are often great. A variety of treats is even better. Just make sure you bring something  that is small and your dog really goes bonkers for! What if I don't have the time to get treats? Call ahead and the trainer can have some prepared for you. Cost is $5.00. Are you worried your dog will get fat? Don't worry this is just for motivation for learning. After your dog has mastered the new behavior, treats can/will be weaned out.

Treat bag? 
Treat bags and clickers are included in all of the training packages.

Any questions? 
Please call Marilisa at (858) 342-4431 or email

PRIVATE CLASSES - In-Home or at our Encinitas Location

What may take weeks in a group class may be accomplished in half the time. With private classes we are able to really zero-in on the training you need. No time is wasted listening to other people's issues and waiting around. Classes are scheduled for your convenience and can begin immediately. We have found our clients prefer privates vs. group classes as the one-on-one interaction saves them time and money.

The initial Introductory lesson is one and a half hours and it is $85. After that each one hour lesson is $75 or a package of three lessons is $200. Appointments are available seven days a week. Please review our cancellation / change policy.

All Classes are taught one-on-one and are approximately 60 mins. At our training space in Encinitas, Leucadia to be more precise or at your home.

​In-home lessons start at $100 per hour.